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austin86: I agree, the seller must be smoking something. I say a DFI nf2 ultra is 100$ max if its mint and boxed. Oct 2, 2023 8:23:06 GMT -5
Bones: Same here, my KT400 wasn't nearly that expensive and it's in the box with all the stuff, in excellent condition too. Sept 30, 2023 17:27:45 GMT -5
antinomy: It's overpriced even if it was NF2. But for KT400, I got mine like $5-10 years ago. Sept 30, 2023 3:54:09 GMT -5
austin86: Someone is selling a open box DFI lanparty 875p board on ebay and one way over priced 462 lanparty board lol Sept 25, 2023 12:25:47 GMT -5 *
austin86: Ram and CPU are good, the problem I keep running into is the hdd not being accessible. I was able to work around this by booting from a floppy and I can run Pcplayer and Speedsys within dos so I'm guessing the system is stableish. Sept 25, 2023 8:21:32 GMT -5
Vinster: 100% Sept 22, 2023 22:46:55 GMT -5
zila1: : it's a show piece for sure. Car shows only. That would be a PITA to keep clean. Sept 22, 2023 10:02:19 GMT -5
Vinster: to clean to drive Sept 21, 2023 20:27:08 GMT -5
zila1: Sept 21, 2023 12:51:02 GMT -5
antinomy: I think you should start a topic on this one. It could be several reasons you need to check - memory, Vio, badly clocking CPU. Sept 20, 2023 18:18:11 GMT -5
austin86: Stuck in the low/mid 170s and the system is stablish when booted of a floppy to about 180. IDK maybe I need to just toss deice/ln2 at it. Sept 18, 2023 13:50:45 GMT -5 *
austin86: Does anyone know of a ISA VGA/IDE card? trying to hit a record on FSB with 440bx and I keep getting held back by the on board IDE, I tried a ide to sada adapter and I got further but not by much. Sept 18, 2023 13:49:43 GMT -5 *
Mr.Scott: Exactly Sept 15, 2023 16:06:15 GMT -5 *
antinomy: What test? It could be because of AGESA version or maybe some security patches for the CPU. Sept 14, 2023 0:48:33 GMT -5
george: And it was not a temp issue as far I could see. Sept 13, 2023 18:44:43 GMT -5
george: wth? Updated to latest BIOS version on the A520, did a few bench with cpu-z after that, hmm, results lowered, anyhow got the Ram settled ok. However, increased the CPU some 5MHz, bench result went down? Perhaps forgot some settings I had.(This W10) Sept 13, 2023 18:43:16 GMT -5 *
zila1: Sept 11, 2023 19:05:37 GMT -5
austin86: racist stuff seems to be a lot less common the further east you go, just my 2 cents. Sept 10, 2023 11:19:49 GMT -5
antinomy: Found this one interesting. Doesn't look like set up to me. Sept 10, 2023 7:03:08 GMT -5 *
antinomy: Sept 10, 2023 7:02:44 GMT -5
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