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zila1: Yup, that's exactly right Jon. Way different now from what it used to be. I can break concrete with my pick ax but it bounces off of the ice. The ice is harder than concrete. :o Jan 21, 2022 22:06:21 GMT -5
ShrimpBrime: You fellas be careful out there. Don't bust a hip trying to get to work. Jan 21, 2022 20:30:44 GMT -5
ShrimpBrime: Right Eddie?!?! The snow (what's left of it) has hardened like rock. 0 degree every night. 20f during the day. And here comes the real cold very soon. Doesn't snow here like it once did. Just arctic blasting cold weather. Jan 21, 2022 20:30:18 GMT -5
zila1: We have had so many freeze and thaw cycles that the ice hardened so much that it is now resistant to plain old rock salt. If you fall on that it will definitely break something on you. :o Jan 21, 2022 18:03:05 GMT -5
zila1: And winter has just started. In fact I went to the hardware store today to pick up another 150lbs. of it. It's been too cold here to use just regular rock salt. It doesn't work on ice under 32* here. Jan 21, 2022 17:59:27 GMT -5 *
zila1: Oh my gosh guys. I'm so sorry to hear this. Please take very good care of yourselves. Yup, winter can be very dangerous. I can't remember when I have gone thru so much calcium chloride around my property. 150lbs gone so far. Jan 21, 2022 17:59:19 GMT -5
freeagent: Winter is great! I wiped out on my bike on the way to work yesterday. Good thing the ice was there to break my fall. I landed pretty much entirely on the left side of my body. Luckily for me the pain was spread out equally. Jan 21, 2022 15:34:30 GMT -5 *
george: sheesh, I had a "good" fall on our yard, had to drop many duties due to this for past week. Became pretty scared, the touch was hard enough to break bones. Had a check up today, but likely not too much irreparable happened. Winter be gone! Jan 21, 2022 13:17:16 GMT -5 *
Vinster: that blows Jan 17, 2022 21:09:45 GMT -5
zila1: I'd say it was about $50,000 in damages for that year. In 1979 money. Jan 17, 2022 13:29:48 GMT -5 *
zila1: And when spring thaw came my roof collapsed. My house was fucked. Had to do a complete tear off of the roof. Water damage was intense. Sidewalks were damaged, staircases and porches. And the transmission in my '72 Caprice burned out. Jan 17, 2022 13:29:47 GMT -5 *
zila1: That man was strong. He got tired of me going one itty bitty step at a time. He said 'Fuck this!" and picked me up. Wow! God it was so cold and icy and snowy. We couldn't get a car out of the garage for weeks. The alleys were impassible. Side streets too. Jan 17, 2022 13:27:14 GMT -5
zila1: My Mom fell that year also and broke her wrist. That year I was in the hospital healing up from surgery and couldn't help my Dad with snow removal. In fact when I was released my Dad carried me into the house cause I couldn't walk up the stairs. Jan 17, 2022 13:24:40 GMT -5
zila1: That year my neighbors wife went flying down two flights of stairs on her back and broke her leg when she landed at the bottom. She was a mess. Her entire body was just black and blue. She spent the rest of the winter at home in a cast and recuperating. Jan 17, 2022 13:22:53 GMT -5 *
zila1: It is. Good to listen to while breaking up ice and snow. :D Jan 17, 2022 13:21:13 GMT -5
Vinster: catchy beat Jan 16, 2022 23:10:35 GMT -5
zila1: Jan 16, 2022 22:54:07 GMT -5
ShrimpBrime: Fun fun. changing valve actuators today. I'm at a loss otherwise. Misfires, lean bank1, exhaust rich or lean, all kinds of goofy codes. At least it warmed up to 20f today. Not too bad. lol Jan 16, 2022 13:03:52 GMT -5
Vinster: Those people are crazy... Jan 12, 2022 7:45:37 GMT -5
zila1: This is crazy: Jan 9, 2022 2:26:51 GMT -5