Starting research for my next build (8086K 5Ghz Project)

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zila1: You see what I'm cruising during the summer Jon. Low, soft and slow. I'm old now. ROFLMAO. Although I still miss my '70 Plymouth gotta have deep pockets now. Jun 4, 2020 21:46:53 GMT -5
ShrimpBrime: In a way a bummer, but in another.... didn't have much choice. The Wife and Kid both been jobless for months now. Stim check helped, but since everyone is home 2/4/7, the bills are just about double the norm. But we are all healthy. Jun 4, 2020 21:43:14 GMT -5
sphincter: bummer to hear, Jonny. I dig Caddi's tho. Jun 4, 2020 21:07:13 GMT -5
ShrimpBrime: I actually have no feelings for it. I have parted with many material items in my time. I've owned many vehicles, just another car come and gone. I actually enjoyed my Caddi better 77 coupe. That one I miss still lol Jun 4, 2020 18:16:29 GMT -5
Mr.Scott: Disappointing, but ..........welcome to adulthood Jonny. Don't panic though, the 'itch' will always be there. Jun 4, 2020 18:03:44 GMT -5
ShrimpBrime: Sold my El Camino today. One less vehicle to throw money at and can repair my other ones lol. Later down the road gonna get a Caddi. Wanna go low and slow. Jun 4, 2020 17:35:31 GMT -5
ShrimpBrime: Yep lots of fun. Jun 4, 2020 17:34:42 GMT -5
sphincter: oyy cars can be so much fun in all the wrong ways too. ... the abs light been on a while in the duramax. hate to divert time away from the more fun projects... Jun 2, 2020 21:24:29 GMT -5
ShrimpBrime: it by hand and lots of resistance. But have one that was going to go on the Chevy, but this needs it more. I'll at least not over-heat but cold A/C will be a plus there. Jun 2, 2020 18:51:25 GMT -5
ShrimpBrime: Yep. retro fit an engine fan to the Jetta today (right now as I type...) cause on Sunday, took the kids out for sundays, the car over-heated in the drive through line at Culvers. One fan locked up, the other burnt out inside and squeels nasty if you turn Jun 2, 2020 18:50:33 GMT -5
zila1: Oh crap. I'm sorry to hear that Jon. Troubles just come in bunches. Jun 2, 2020 17:29:01 GMT -5
ShrimpBrime: Left brake caliper blew up on the 03 burban. Pads 15% will have to wait. Suprise, not digging into savings cause there aint none Jun 2, 2020 16:00:13 GMT -5
rushed: 01-04 were good trucks i hear for their diesels good transmissions May 31, 2020 6:34:42 GMT -5
sphincter: owned sine 2004 so it's been a good truck I'de say. Lots of grease build up on the front of the motor. May 30, 2020 18:42:04 GMT -5
sphincter: got an 01 duramax dually for tow rig. Still running well. I don't beat on it too bad and it only has a 100 HP plugin. Solid truck, but It'll be needing plenty of attention. Already did the Brake Lines in Copper Alloy myself. Can't wait to do the fuel lines May 30, 2020 18:37:10 GMT -5
Vinster: Buy used, Buy Cheap May 28, 2020 23:44:03 GMT -5
ShrimpBrime: We junked a Ford for the Dodge. Problem is they bought the damn thing is an 01'. My reaction was "wow" and walked away laughing. Slated for yet another service truck next year. They will buy someone's used garbage yet again. May 28, 2020 19:56:42 GMT -5
Mr.Scott: Yup, "got a great deal on it", they said. Idiots. May 28, 2020 17:23:16 GMT -5
Mr.Scott: We run a 2014 Ford F550 with a 6.7 Powerstroke. I put a crate motor in it about 3 weeks after they bought it. lol May 28, 2020 17:22:31 GMT -5
ShrimpBrime: Is when the VGT wire gets baked cause it sometimes will lay on the turbo or rub the EGR pipe. (ISM engines) May 27, 2020 19:36:59 GMT -5