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funsoul: Ya'll rock...thank you! Aug 14, 2022 20:18:03 GMT -5
Bones: Yes, all the best to you and yours Funsoul. Aug 14, 2022 14:48:59 GMT -5
zila1: : On behalf of all of the wonderful people here.........we thank you. Wishing you nothing but the best life has to offer. Aug 14, 2022 11:58:39 GMT -5
funsoul: Happy Sunday to some of the coolest folks in the scene and out here! Wishing you all nothin' but awesome! Aug 14, 2022 8:24:44 GMT -5
george: sis family now had the covid all around but now ok. 4th vaccine awaiting. Here been good this far with three vaccines, otoh, the 1st wave I suspect I caught something, took 6 weeks to have the systems going, family was ok though. Just staying at home. Aug 13, 2022 22:18:42 GMT -5 *
Vinster: Where my parents lived they made that change also. I think it was because the storm drains were backing up and people started charging the city for upkeep on the section between the house and the city drain. with no proper demarcation they stopped Aug 12, 2022 20:52:39 GMT -5
austin86: its odd here, gutters can't go to a storm drain anymore but they can drain into the street right next to one lol. I think its more of a city property vs residents property thing, IDK all I know is the town asked us not to drain my gutters into it. Aug 12, 2022 8:20:01 GMT -5
austin86: dirty sumps are the worst, my parents sump is always dirty and if its not the sump is the drain from the other low spot in the basement that goes to the sump thatch dirty, they can be a lot of work Aug 12, 2022 8:16:01 GMT -5
Vinster: for storms, we can still drain to the storm drains. there is a storm culvert in my back yard. everything drains to it (except sewer obviously) Aug 11, 2022 20:58:36 GMT -5
Vinster: son is clear so far, baby's day 2 went overall well.. no puking today. just had to keep her fever under control. shes a tough little cookie... Aug 11, 2022 20:58:10 GMT -5
Vinster: Thanks, 1st day for me starting to feel normal (Day 7)... Partner is still really sick (her Day 10).. Wife can't taste or smell... (her day 4).. daughter feels normal now (her day 10) but she had it the lighest... Aug 11, 2022 20:57:10 GMT -5
zila1: I just want to keep everything in tip top working condition and clean at all times. I can't stand a dirty sump pit. Aug 11, 2022 18:54:49 GMT -5
zila1: You are very fortunate to have that system grandfathered in. They are very strict now as to how and where you can drain storm water. I had a similar situation at my old 100 year old home. Aug 11, 2022 18:53:30 GMT -5
austin86: I'm amazed I not been told to remove it, even more amazed that it works. We were told we can no longer have the gutters drain into storm drain witch I get. Its a big home and it was becoming a problem with all the rain we get here. Aug 11, 2022 14:24:22 GMT -5 *
austin86: In my case my home is on a slight incline and whoever built it rigged up a gravity fed system that feeds the water table into a storm drain in the street. I been told I can't do anything with the system as its grandfathered in and is not longer legal. Aug 11, 2022 14:19:41 GMT -5 *
austin86: My home is right under the water table and does not have a sump. There are some ways a round it granted they are not always a option or all the great. Aug 11, 2022 14:18:18 GMT -5 *
ShrimpBrime: Dogs are always crazy in their own yard. Mine are no different and why I need a fence so bad. Aug 11, 2022 7:08:04 GMT -5
zila1: Now they can't see me anymore cause of the fence. Her dogs are crazy. Aug 11, 2022 0:34:25 GMT -5
zila1: But she put her new fence right along side my damaged fence. We both inherited problems but watcha gonna do? At least those trees are gone and now she has a nice privacy fence there. I'm glad cause her dogs were trying to eat me. Aug 11, 2022 0:33:44 GMT -5
zila1: First she had to have a bunch of trees cut down around the area she wanted the fence. They were all in my yard working because the trees were growing in my fence and she wanted them gone. Now my fence is a mess. Aug 11, 2022 0:31:10 GMT -5
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