The WinRAR November bench challenge


zila1: The FD has whatever it takes to handle just about any situation. They are amazing folks. Jul 7, 2020 19:48:58 GMT -5
zila1: Oh I bet you did Jon. Super hot out there today. Jul 7, 2020 19:46:49 GMT -5
ShrimpBrime: No. The FD has this pink slime shit that breaks down the fuel. They washed it away with the hose. They wouldn't spray me though. I did ask for it lol Jul 7, 2020 18:45:01 GMT -5
zila1: Must have smelled nice too. :D Jul 7, 2020 18:34:03 GMT -5
zila1: Man that pavement was boiling hot today. Must be nice and slick. Jul 7, 2020 18:33:20 GMT -5
bones: They'll probrably have to repave that part of the street but that's realy about it. Diesel literally dissolves asphalt so you can expect that to be but if not in the street count youself VERY lucky indeed! Jul 7, 2020 18:27:45 GMT -5
ShrimpBrime: Just diesel fuel. Not really all that dangerous honestly. Jul 7, 2020 18:18:17 GMT -5
zila1: Was that you? :D Man your company lucked out. I'm glad no one was hurt. That's the main thing. Jul 7, 2020 18:06:28 GMT -5
Mr.Scott: Nice! Jul 7, 2020 15:54:54 GMT -5
ShrimpBrime: The truck is a 2019. They found nothing wrong. No citation because of road debris. We'll have to pay the FD for the clean up only. Luck on our side today!! Jul 7, 2020 15:48:55 GMT -5
Mr.Scott: Get ready for that DOT inspection. Hope your driver isn't dirty. Jul 7, 2020 15:28:29 GMT -5
ShrimpBrime: Big old hazmat spill. Dropped about 50 gallons of fuel. Jul 7, 2020 11:57:23 GMT -5
ShrimpBrime: Eddie I'm at 290 and central. Something hit a fuel tank on one of our tractors. Jul 7, 2020 11:56:57 GMT -5
bones: Yep - Those were fun indeed! Jul 5, 2020 16:54:51 GMT -5
zila1: I remember the Whistlers very well. Remember pea shooters Rods? I haven't seen those in decades. Hell, I haven't seen many kids even playing outdoors much like they used. Even before the Coronavirus. They sit on there asses getting fat now. Jul 5, 2020 13:05:38 GMT -5
bones: We even went so far one year to be in small boats on the lake up in the slew and had a naval battle with bottle rockets. That went well.... NOT!!! P-) Jul 4, 2020 23:27:23 GMT -5
bones: Yes we did, anything from Roman Candles to Jumping Jacks, Black Cats.... We used it and the obligatory bottle-rocket fights too. We even stepped up our game to using the plastic tipped "Whistlers" and believe me, you felt it when you got hit. Jul 4, 2020 23:24:37 GMT -5
zila1: We weren't pussies like todays kids. We blew up our best friends on the 4th of July. ROFLMAO Jul 4, 2020 19:33:09 GMT -5
zila1: That was part of the war bones was talking about. LOL Jul 4, 2020 19:31:45 GMT -5
zila1: I got a Roman Candle up my ass once. ROFLMAO Jul 4, 2020 19:28:41 GMT -5